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We have an epidemic of cancer and cardiovascular diseases just to name a few, and our mission is to launch a Crusade for plant- based nutrition and natural health, by Engaging, Educating, Enlightening, Empowering our communities. Our focus is plant-based nutrition, natural lifestyle and products that will help us achieve our goals. We featuring Moringa Powder, Capsules, Oils, Hemp Oil,and Essential Oils for Optimal Natural Health. You have a choice, choose Natural Health.


I was diagnosed in 2009 with hypothyroidism in which I took a small pill daily. My doctor said that I would take this pill indefinitely. In 2016, I started taking Moringa capsules. I went to the doctor in 2017 for labwork and was taken off of the daily pill. Since 2017, every six months labwork has been normal. I contribute this normalcy of ongoing labs to the Moringa. I am an RN of 22 years and I know the stories of hearing about taking a daily pill for the rest of your life. Moringa is worth trying yourself to heal or to prevent any illnesses. It builds your immune system.

Erika SGH.

 I had surgery 6 months ago and began using Moringa on my healing wound, which stretched from the left to right side of my hip area. Surprisingly, my healing process was accelerated. Anytime I felt a tingle, itch or pain I applied the oil and it soothe the area within a short time. Thank you George for the recommendation.

Nole DH.

Used the Morainga Oil at the suggestion of my brother George Green on an open dietabetic ulcer on the leg of my husband that the doctor just could not seem to get under control. We saw healing results in one week! One week! We were amazed so was the doctor! We are sooo thankful for the natural healing power of the moringa oil!

Chariesse W.

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What Are the Benefits of CBD?

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Some buzzy beauty ingredients of the moment are moringa and cherry, FYI

Some buzzy beauty ingredients of the moment are moringa and cherry, FYI

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Why You Should Know How to Read a Nutrition Label by Chris Kresser chriskresser.com

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