Moringa and Weight Loss

Moringa for Weight Loss
No matter how fit you are, you tend to gain weight like a breeze and losing it can become a daunting task. It is understandable given the trend of carbonated drinks, fast food and plenty of alcohol. It has given rise to the trend of weight loss supplements to help you get back in shape. However, looking at supplements, Moringa plant or the Moringa Oleifera stands a class apart and above all competition. It is super-abundant in antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, and nutrients.
These are considered the top arsenal for fighting fats.
The Moringa is available as a fresh leaf, dried leaf powder, Moringa capsules and even as an extract in numerous other supplements. Also known as Indian horseradish, it is supposed to accelerate your weight loss endeavors. Let’s check out how:
The anti-obesity action of Moringa
It has been scientifically proved that Moringa leaves or in any form has a terrific anti-obesity action. It is rich in chlorogenic acid which is also the active antioxidant present in green coffee. The acid is touted to be a highly effective fat burner and balancer of blood sugar levels. A study was conducted in 2014 on rats with high-fat induced obesity. They were treated with Moringa leaves extract for 49 days. Post-treatment, the rats manifested a significant change in their body weight, organ weight as well as their cholesterol levels. Their body temperature also rose which established the thermogenic effect of the extract. This thermogenic effect accelerates the weight loss by burning more fats.
A low-calorie nutrient booster
The biggest problem on effaces while losing weight is to supply the body with all essential nutrients but cutting down on the calories. Moringa supplement proves your ideal friend here. Eating Moringa leaves power or any of its supplement forms helps you supply all essential nutrients to the body but seriously cuts down on the calories. If you are eating a cup of fresh Moringa leaves every morning, you are supplying your body with just 13 calories while two teaspoons of the supplement powder yield just 15 calories. Protein amount offered by both is just 2 grams. Additionally, they supply almost every vitamins and mineral ensuring that your blood has all tools available to burn fat, slim you down but still keep you fit and healthy.
The laxative effect
Moringa plant is a terrific laxative. Water retention in the body is one of the sources of weight gain which leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. The anti-inflammatory and diuretic action of Moringa ensures that all excess water from the body gets flushed out and you feel lighter and healthier.
Moringa has plenty of soluble and nonsoluble fibers which not only keeps your food cravings and false hunger pangs in check but also helps in stabilizing the weight loss process. Its fibers are similar to fruits and cereals. These fibers prevent the fat absorption into the gut and force the body to burn them to leave you more energized. Along with anti-oxidants, it ensures that all toxins and waste material gets eliminated from the body. The consequence is weight loss. Moringa is an absolutely safe and effective supplement to take for weight loss. Moringa Tea and Powder are highly effective.

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