Moringa for Growing Healthy Hair and Beautiful Skin

What is Moringa and how can Moringa help my natural hair?
Moringa for Growing Healthy Hair and Beautiful Skin
Healthy hair is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful assets any human being of both sexes. Coming across as a fashion statement, it goes a long way in establishing the personality ooze and the confidence of any woman. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle and everyday stress have made hair problems and hair fall as a terrifying problem plaguing every second person. If you too are suffering from this problem and wish to avoid the overly expensive hair treatments of a salon, you can switch to using Moringa in various forms to reap its benefits.
What is Moringa?
Famous by the local name of malunggay, Moringa is a popular cooking ingredient. Known as the ‘Miracle Tree,’ nearly all its parts are useful, right from roots, leaves, pods, flowers fruits and even barks. The range and amount of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients found in it gives it the bracket of a superfood. It offers you 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. Your hair, in particular, draws enormous benefits from it.
How Moringa promotes hair growth?
The Iron in Moringa brings oxygen to the roots
For years, iron deficiency has been touted as a primary reason for hair loss. It is understandable as iron plays a significant role in carrying oxygen in the blood and supplying it to the scalp. With the fresh and regular supply of oxygen, the hair follicles grow stronger and healthier. Counted amongst the top vegetarian sources of iron, you just need to eat one serving of Moringa powder to fulfill half of your daily iron requirement.
The zinc in Moringa stimulates hair growth.
Even though zinc is required in a small amount, it is a significant player in the hair game. Low zinc level can cause poor health as well as severe hair fall. Getting the zinc level optimum in the body helps heal the damaged hair follicles faster and improve hair growth at an incredible pace.
The essential amino acids in Moringa helps build healthier and stronger hair strands
We know amino acids is the building blocks of cells and Moringa is a storehouse of it. Some of the most essential amino acids for hair growth and hair strengthening are arginine, cystine, lysine, and methionine. Moringa has all in abundance. Thus, even if you ingest it internally every morning and applying it externally, you are giving your hair a fresh lease on life each time. Your hair starts flourishing in no time.
Vitamins of Moringa is a blessing.
Moringa is rich in vitamins C and E which are known powerful antioxidants. They can easily combat the damaging free radicals which accost the body both internally and externally. It can easily cause your hair follicles to weaken and even turn gray. These vitamins can reverse the damage and restore back healthy hair. Moringa also boasts of the rich content of Vitamin A, B as well as silica. They not only stimulate natural hair growth but also efficiently address numerous hair problems like dryness, hair loss, dandruff and even brittleness. The nutrients and vitamins cumulatively produce sebum which gives a natural protective coating and shine to your hair.
The omega 3s in Moringa forms a perfect hair nourishment.
Ask any person about the best source of omega 3 fatty acids; most would talk about salmon. However, Moringa is an equally excellent plant source of omega 3 fatty acids. Within no time, these healthy fats plump up your hair, and you can be the proud owner of the healthy and thick mane of hair. Ingesting of Moringa powder ensures that all vital nutrients reach the hair follicles. External application as well as massage with Moringa oil further stimulate the hair follicles and ensure that maximum nutrients reach the hair follicles.
Ways of using Moringa
Moringa is available as a powder which is made predominantly from its leaves. It is also available as an oil form for external application. For ingestion, this oil comes as a capsule. The best effect comes from internal ingestion as well as external application. You can easily take the capsules and massage your hair with Moringa oil. The Moringa powder can be consumed in tea, smoothies, etc. It can be applied externally via various hair packs mixed with numerous other beneficial ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil or pulp, etc.
Moringa is indeed a multi-purpose hair remedy.

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