Uses & Benefits Of Moringa Oils and how to strengthen your immune system!

Uses & Benefits Of Moringa Oils and how to strengthen your immune system!

Moringa Oil - The Amazing Health Elixir You’ve Never Heard About One of the most amazing, beneficial health products trending right now is also one you’ve probably never heard about in your life. It’s called Moringa Oil and, when it comes to healthy living, there are few products that match this incredible oil’s list of benefits (which we’ll get to in just a minute).

What exactly is a Moringa Tree?

The Moringa Oleifera tree, from where Moringa Oil is extracted, is also known as the ‘miracle tree’ due to its versatility, edibility, and ability to relieve a wide variety of health problems. It’s native to India, grows very fast, is widely cultivated in South America, Asia, and Africa, and goes by a number of other aliases including drumstick tree (because drummers use its pods to make music), ben-oil tree and horseradish tree (due to the intense flavor of its roots). Interestingly, it’s quite easy to grow your own Moringa tree and, if you do, don’t be surprised if it’s reached 3 meters tall (approx. 9 feet) after the first year! Moringa oil is extracted from the ripe seeds found in its pods, but the raw seeds and leaves can also be used in a wide variety of beneficial ways, including as food.

Moringa Oil Has been Used for Centuries While it’s certainly trending right now, Moringa Oil has been prized by humans for centuries, most likely starting with the ancient Egyptians. Romand and Greeks used this amazing tree and oil as well, which was prized for its ability to alleviate a wide variety of ailments. Moringa Oil is a Nutrition-packed Powerhouse

There are very few plant species that deliver the same high amount of nutritional benefits as Moringa Oil. It’s a potent source of essential amino acids, proteins, and more vitamins than you can shake a stick at, including vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), B6, ascorbic acid (C) and folate. It’s got minerals too, including zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Moringa oil also contains powerful antioxidants like kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, zeatin, quercetin, rutin, chlorogenic acid, and betasitosterol, all of which bring to the table a high capacity to seek and destroy free-radicals and reverse the damage done to your body from oxidative stress.

To top it all off, moringa oil has no ‘bad’ cholesterol and only a very small amount of fat. You have to admit, that’s an impressive list.

Moringa Oil’s Abundance of Health Properties & Benefits. With so many potent ingredients it’s no wonder Moringa Oil is helpful for such a wide variety of health problems. A quick look at some of its properties gives a better idea why.

Moringa Oil is;

• Antifungal

• Antiviral

• Antidepressant

• Anti-inflammatory

• An Antioxidant Without going into extreme details, here’s a list of many of the best uses for Moringa Oil (in no particular order).

• Moringa Oil is an excellent anti-aging treatment • Moringa Oil studies have show it to be effective against Diabetes by improving hemoglobin levels

• Moringa Oil supercharges your Immunity • Moringa Oil protects you from kidney, bladder and uterus stones

• For cancer patients undergoing immunosuppression therapy, Moringa Oil has been shown to be very helpful in allowing new, transplanted organs to grow

• Studies show that Moringa Oil prevents bronchial restrictions and is thus excellent for relieving the effects of Asthma

• Moringa Oil helps maintain an optimal blood pressure, reducing Hypertension • Moringa Oil improves eye health and prevents retinal damage

• Moringa Oil facilitates the absorption of iron, and is thus an excellent treatment for Sickle Cell disease and Anemia Some Other, Interesting and Helpful Uses for Moringa Oil Here’s a use for Moringa Oil that might come in handy down in Puerto Rico, where water is at a premium right now. Moringa seeds are an effective water purification tool, removing algae and harmful pollutants due to their coagulant nature. Moringa Oil has a very long shelf life, with low rancidity, and is used as a lubricant in fine watches and other devices. The leaves of the Moringa tree are an excellent source of protein and thus an excellent meat alternative, with 2 amino acids that are essential to infants; arginine and histidine. Cattle fed Moringa leaves produce more milk and a better quality of meat.

Everyday Uses for Amazing Moringa Oil So far we’ve seen that Moringa Oil is an amazingly healthful product with a wide variety of uses and benefits. If you’re not suffering from health problems however, there are still many ways that you can use Moringa Oil in your daily life, with wonderful results. Moringa oil for skin is extraordinary, as it softens dry skin and helps moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis too. Its also fantastic on chapped lips and for treating skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis as well as eczema. If anti-aging products are what you’re searching for, Moringa Oil is one of the best. It helps reduce wrinkles, prevent dark spots, prevent sagging muscles, reduce fine lines and, best of all, repair damaged skin.

As a hair-care product Moringa Oil is also top-notch. It lifts dirt out of your hair, is an all-natural cleanser and emollient, and prevents dandruff by keeping your scalp moisturized. If you have children (or you’re a bit clumsy) Moringa Oil’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will come in handy for minor cuts, wounds, abrasions, sunburn, insect bites and much more.

Moringa Beautifying Oil from Greenways Naturals Here at Greenwayz Naturals we LOVE Moringa Oil because it contains the natural feel of healthy. It’s the ancient superfood that delivers optimal health and amazing benefits that few other natural products on the market offer, and our Moringa Beautifying Oil has all of those benefits and then some! We also carry Moringa Vegetable Capsules for strengthening and supporting the inside of your body too, for benefits that you’ll see and feel every day! Thanks for taking the time to get acquainted with the incredible Moringa tree, and for dropping by our Blog. If you’d like to learn more, or order your own bottle of Moringa Beautifying Oil or Moringa Vegetable Capsules, please visit our Facebook page at

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